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Comment thread objects (MBDiscussion, MBThread and root MBMessage) are created during asset creation, but that it is not necessary as CommentManager also handle it



      In LPS-2864 was added some logic in order to create all comment thread structure during asset creation (MBDiscussion, MBThread and root MBMessage objects) but that it is not necessary as CommentManager also handle it during comment creation.

      After some testing we have detected that all MBThread entries causes an overhead in the system, for example:

      • During staging reindex operation, a 30% of improvement is obtained deactivating deleting all those objects, and comment functionality is not affected.
      • During full reindex operation, some customers have reported that 25%-50% of the time is spent during MBThread reindex

      In order to improve throughput, we should:

      1. Remove all comment creation logic from assets creation (JournalArticleLocalServiceImpl.addArticle, BlogsEntryLocalServiceImpl.addEntry, Layout, ....)
      2. Clean all unused objects during upgrade to 7.0


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