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User cannot view My Workflow Tasks with permissions


    The issue was reproducible with a User with view permission and a User with Site Content Reviewer role.

    Steps to Reproduce using a User with Site Content Reviewer role:

    1. Add a new Site "My Site"
    2. Add a new User
      1. Add User to "My Site"
      2. Assign roles: Site Administration and Site Content Reviewer
    3. Save User
    4. Log in as new User
    5. Go to "My Site"
    6. In "My Site" go to Configuration > Workflow Configuration
    7. Set Single Approver for Calendar
    8. Add a Calendar portlet to a page
    9. Add an event > Submit for Publication
    10. Go to My Account > Notifications
    11. Click on Calendar notification message

    Expected Result
    User is navigated to My Workflow Tasks portlet to view workflow submission.

    Actual Result
    The User cannot access My Workflow Tasks portlet. If you navigate back to My Account > My Workflow Tasks > Assigned to Me, you are able to access My Workflow Tasks portlet and assign/approve workflow submission.

    Steps to Reproduce as a User with view permissions

    1. Define the following User role permissions
      1. Dynamic Data Lists Record Set: Add Record
      2. Dynamic Data Lists Record Set: Update
      3. Dynamic Data Lists Record Set: View
      4. My Workflow Tasks: Access in My Account
      5. My Workflow Tasks: View
      6. General Permissions: View Control Panel
    2. Add a new User
    3. Add DDL Display to a page with To Do defintion
    4. Select Single Approver workflow > Save
    5. Log in as new User
    6. Submit a DDL record for publication
    7. Log in as Test Test
    8. Reject DDL record submission
    9. Log in as new User
    10. Go to My Workflow Tasks > Click into rejected DDL record to view details

    Expected Result
    User is able to view DDL record details.

    Actual Result
    User gets a permissions error message.

    Reproduced on:
    Tomcat 8.0 + PostgreSQL 9.4 Portal ee-7.0.x Git ID 7606d95aea3aa1170fe509cd4d5966d93681a059
    WebSphere + HSQL Portal ee-7.0.x GIT ID: 7606d95aea3aa1170fe509cd4d5966d93681a059
    Tomcat 8.0 + PostgreSQL 9.4 Portal 7.0.x Git ID a7e381f088f8f0ff335d926f77265451acdc7e49


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                Version Package
                6.2.X EE
                7.0.0 DXP FP1
                7.0.2 CE GA3
                7.0.0 DXP SP1
                7.0.3 CE GA4