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installation: not able to redirect to the license screen on a first time access


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Completed
    • Affects Version/s: 5.2.3
    • Fix Version/s: 5.2.3
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      Environment: « Hide App server: Oracle Weblogic 10.3
      Database: Oracle 10g
      OS: Linux
      Liferay version: LIferay 5.2 EE SP2


      Currently we have installed Liferay EE in our environment. The problem is that Liferay doesn't start properly where it redirect us to the activation screen. The only thing that we did is we have used the Liferay SE database, Oracle DBMS, after upgrading it using the scripts that comes with the EE. We then used the hypersonic database just to force Liferay to redirect us to the activation screen. The following explains the problem in more details:


      • We have a domain located in /weblogic103/domains/simisdomain
      • We added the dependency libraries in file liferay-portal-dependencies-5.2-ee-sp2.zip in /weblogic103/domains/simisdomain/lib/liferay

      The files in "liferay-portal-dependencies-5.2-ee-sp2.zip" are

      • annotations.jar
      • hsql.jar
      • portal-kernel.jar
      • portal-service.jar
      • portlet.jar

      I think there are other missing libs, that's why you see the exception in the file Hypersonic .log regarding javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/portal/portletcontainer/taglib/ParamBaseTag. We have asked you to provide us the file liferay-portal-5.2-ee-sp2-with-dependencies.war since we noted that the SE edition of the "portal-with-dependencies" has extra libraries that we didn't find in the "portal-dependencies" file, namely the files are

      • xercesImpl.jar
      • saw-api.jar
      • portlet-container.jar

      So if you check sourceforge you will find this file liferay-portal-5.2.2-with-dependencies.war and when you check the WEB-INF/lib you will find the above libraries (jars)

      • We have added the attached portal-ext.properties to the ext.
      • We then deployed the portal to weblogic

      Using Hypersonic :
      When we setup Liferay to use Hypersonic we first got an exception saying that:

      java.sql.SQLException: File input/output error null/../data/hsql/lportal.properties java.io.FileNotFoundException: null/../data/hsql/lportal.properties.new (No such file or directory)

      We then added this property to the portal-ext.properties

      However the same exception still shows up. Then we just copied the property (as is without any changes)

      Then that exception disappeared. This gives an indication that the property liferay.home defined in portal-ext.properties was not read when processing portal.properties file values. Coping the property jdbc.default.url to the portal-ext.properties solved the problem.

      After the server started we pointed the browser to portal main page and portal worked without any problem. However in the log we see this exception
      11:39:31,048 ERROR [LicenseUtil:?] java.io.FileNotFoundException: null/../ee/license (No such file or directory)
      java.io.FileNotFoundException: null/../ee/license (No such file or directory)

      We have created an empty file (license) in "/weblogic103/domains/simisdomain/ee/" and also "/weblogic103/domains/ee/". Nevertheless this didn't solve anything

      Using Oracle:
      After getting the WAR file, we cloned the SE schema (we used in the staging server) to a new schema. Then we ran "update-5.2.4-5.2.5-oracle.sql" and "update-5.2.5-5.2.6-oracle.sql" scripts from liferay-portal-sql-5.2-ee-sp2.zip

      At the beginning we did not see any license exceptions in the log, and the portal works without any license key while showing the EE SP2 as the portal version. After we switched to Hybersoinc db and then return back to Oracle we got the same license exception

      12:15:54,059 ERROR [LicenseUtil:?] java.io.FileNotFoundException: null/../ee/license (No such file or directory)
      java.io.FileNotFoundException: null/../ee/license (No such file or directory)

      Hoping that this will help in diagnosing our problem. (Let me also know that I have created the issue in right category)


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