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Wrapped Blob not visible from classloader



      When we archive certain content (builds), we take all the relevant information related to the build, stringify, compress and encode it, and then store it into a table in database as a Blob field. When attempting to restore archived content, this data needs to be retrieved and restored to database. When we call the getter for the Blob field however, we hit the retrieve this data exception found in this stack trace stack trace.

      To replicate:

      • checkout latest portal-ee ee-6.2.x branch from master
      • checkout latest plugins-ee ee-6.2.x
      • Use the sql dump found here: database
      • start portal and deploy testray
      • login as [email protected]
      • Click into Liferay Portal 7.0
      • Click into CE Development (master)
      • at the far right of a row (which represents a build) click on the drop down and then archive
      • Click on the Archived tab in upper right
      • Again from the drop down, restore the build that you just archived
      • Should pop up an "unexpected error" on the page, and stack trace similar to the one above in the application server log.

      There is a current work around, copying the attached jar into the webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib folder

      I can go into more detail about the code itself if necessary.


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