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As an unregistered blog reader I want to be able to subscribe by mail to a blog so that I can easily receive the relevant content




      Currently, only registered users can subscribe to blog entries (both new and updates). This option is not available to unregistered users.The aim of this story is to allow non-registered users to subscribe to blogs in the same way registered ones would do it. This will encourage users to receive relevant notifications without forcing them to create a user account that might discourage users to subscribe to the content.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Users who don't have a portal account can still receive blog notifications through their email addresses.
      • Users can subscribe to blogs just providing the email address.
      • The treatment of the unregistered user should be the same as the registered user.
      • The email received by the unregistered user should be the same email that a registered user receives.
      • We need a configurable protection check in place to avoid misuse of the unregistered subscription of blog entries. This can be enabled/disabled at a portal/level.
      • The ability to subscribed or not to a blog entry by an unregistered user should be based on the permissions granted on the blog portlet.

      Use cases

      Main Scenario: A visitor wants to be subscribed by email.

      1. The user reads the blogs he's interested in.
      2. Clicks Subscribe
      3. Fills his credentials in the lightbox
      4. A notification is shown saying that an email has been sent to the email address.
      5. A verification email is sent to the user email address to verify that he's the owner of that email address.
      6. The User will read the email and click in the activation link.
      7. The User is redirected to a page confirming the subscription.


      • The User won't be subscribed until he clicks the activation link in his email.

      Additional Scenarios

      1. A visitor wants to be subscribed by an email address pending to be verified.
      2. The email address introduced already belongs to a registered user in the system.
      3. A user registers himself with an email address which has already subscriptions associated.

      User Experience


      1. Add a new tab in Content > Configuration labeled "Verification Email"
      2. New variable "Expiration Time"
      3. Create a lightbox to allow users be subscribed by email
      4. Add a checkbox in "Configuration > System Settings > Blog Services" to show/hide Captcha in the "Subscribe" Lightbox
      5. New Subscription Confirmed page
      6. Additional Scenarios follow same behavior designed for the main one



      Subscribe Lightbox

      • It's shown when a guest interacts with "Subscribe" link
      • Name and Email Address fields are required
      • Email Address field follows same validation rules as the Email Address field of "Sign In" Lightbox
      • If text verification field is shown it is required
      • If a user interacts with "Sign In" link, "Sign In" Lightbox its shown

      Subscription Confirmed Page

      • If a user interacts with "Continue reading" link, he will navigate to the related blog

      Verification Email

      • If user interacts with "Confirm" button, he will navigate to "Subscription Confirm" page
      • The lifetime of the verification email is set using the expiration time field placed in "Content > Configuration"

      Verification Address Email Tab

      • If a user interacts with "Save" Button, The Configuration Lightbox follows LEXI behavior pattern of keep showing the lightbox and show a success alert.

      Blog Services

      • "Require text verification for guest subscribers" checkbox is unchecked by default

      Interaction flows

      1. Subscription

      Note: Sign up will be a new story. It's not included for now.

      2. Verification

      Flow when a user receives the verification mail

      Interactive prototype

      URL: http://rfnnwo.axshare.com


      Blog Services

      New checkbox

      Verification Email Template

      Verification Email visual design

      Verification Email Tab

      New tab without verification email template

      Subscribe-by-mail lightbox

      Subscribe lightbox

      Subscribe lightbox using Captcha

      Mail address confirmed

      Subscription confirmed page

      Same measures we are using for LPS-67993


      Success Subscription Alert

      Success Alert with Verification Message

      Error Alert


      Discussion document


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