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As a Portal Admin I want the portal to generate a number of previews for Documents and Media images with a configurable max width and height and to provide a static url to view them.



      Liferay Portal offers a Documents and Media application that is used to store Documents, Images, Videos and other type of files.

      Image, video and other rich media content has become for a while very relevant as a way to communicate. Additionally this content is being consumed through a wide variety of devices, with different screen sizes, resolutions, processing power, etc.

      The goal of this story is to allow Portal Admin to specify the processing that should be done to Images stored in Documents and Media to optimize the delivery through all the relevant channels.

      The portal admin should be able to specify how many images he would like to create based on the original image as well as the max width and max height of each image.

      This was originally possible using the following portal.properties:


      However, the original approach was very limited because it could only generate a maximum of 3 copies and it's totally coupled with the Portal Logic.

      The aim of this story is to create a very similar mechanism as the original one but in a modular way with a better API that will allow to easily extend it or adapt it if necessary.

      All the image result of the processing of the original image will be accessible from a URL that will display the appropriate image. These URLs will be unique and each URL will point to a unambiguous image.

      There will be an API that will take care of the URL generation based on the criteria that the image should met (height, width, etc) and it will create a unique URL for that particular image.

      Initial documentation draft of the API and the features of Adaptive Media can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BhpkoYql1X1ndA1qB4c9zDjnbwyUxeVtneeFFVXuxVY/edit?usp=sharing




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