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Not able to not override default template at WCD configuration



      1) Go to Admin > Site Administration and add a structure with only 1 text field
      2) Add 2 templates to display this structure. They must have a code to display the structured field + some HTML to differentiate them, for example (Freemarker):


      <p>Template 1</p>


      <p>Template 2</p>

      3) In Site Administration > Content > Web Content, publish 1 web content from such structure and fill a value for the text field. Let the template be the default (it should be #1)
      4) Place a Web Content Display portlet onto the Welcome page and Select such content. After saving, the 2 templates will appear and #1 will be selected, save again. (so far so good, Template 1 will be shown in the article)
      5) In Site Administration > Content > Web Content, edit the web content recently published and change the default template to #2, fill in a dummy value for the text field, publish: version 1.1 will be created
      6) Refresh the Welcome page:

      Expected: web content with Template 2 to be shown
      Actual behavior: web content with Template 1 is still shown




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