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Social Networking message has incorrect styling and problems sending messages


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      Yasuyuki Takeo showed me an issue that he encountered while attempting to demo messaging within the Social Networking plugin.

      To reproduce this issue, we used the Digital Enterprise 7.0 bundle.

      1. Unzip Digital Enterprise 7.0 bundle and deploy license
      2. Start up the bundle and sign into test@liferay.com
      3. Click Menu > Control Panel > Apps > Store
      4. Sign into your Liferay account
      5. Purchase IP Geocoder and Social Networking, then under Purchased, install those two portlets
      6. Restart the server, sign in as test@liferay.com
      7. Go to test's My Profile and Add > Applications > Social > Profile portlet
      8. Create a new user (user2@liferay.com)
      9. On another browser, sign in as user2
      10. Go to user2's My Profile, then Add > Applications > Social > Profile
      11. On the browser where you are signed in as test, go into user2's profile (http://localhost:8080/web/user2), then under the Profile portlet, click + Connect
      12. On the browser where you are signed in as user2, go into Menu > Notifications > Requests List, then confirm the connection.
      13. On the browser where you are signed in as test, go back to user2's profile, then try to send user2 a message

      A. UI issue. Styling is incorrect.
      B. Unable to send message regardless of text/content--broken error message in place (your-request-failed-to-complete)

      I was unable to test in Master (liferay-portal) as I did not know how to build the updated plugins for CE, and could not deploy the Marketplace apps.




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