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As a blogger I would like that the images in my blog entries are optimized for the user device



      LPS-66995 provides a mechanism to process images uploaded to Documents and Media so Liferay will automatically generate different variant of the images to fit certain configurable widths and heights.

      The aim of this story is that Blog Entries take advantage of those image variants and use them to serve the optimal image based on the device that is displaying that image. Then, if the device contains a really small screen we should serve a small image variant, while if it's a bigger screen we should serve a bigger image variant.

      The user interaction of selecting an image to include it in the blog entry won't be altered by this story. The process of choosing the right image for the right device will be totally transparent to the end user.

      The image selection in Portal is done through the Item Selector. We will need to update the logic of the different views that support selecting images so they can now handle adaptive images.

      The adaptive media feature is all implemented in a modular way. Therefore, if the adaptive media module is not present or is disabled at any point, the blog images should still be displayed in the device, although they don't need to be optimized.


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