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"@" mentioned name is displayed inconsistently throughout the portal's notifications



      Customer's requirement:

      Customers' objective is to get the Mentions' behaviour consistent throughout Message Boards, Notifications and Activities i.e. it should display user's complete name with hyperlink.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Extract a clean bundle of Liferay 7.0 DE.
      2) Create a user(eg. "User Liferay") and connect this user to Test user through Contact Centre portlet.
      3) Add Microblog, Message Board. Activities and Contact Centre portlet on a page.
      4) Create a Microblog entry mentioning User Liferay with "@".
      5) Create a message board thread mentioning User Liferay with "@".

      Actual Behaviour:
      1) After step 4, when "User Liferay" got a notification for the microblog entry wherein I found the the user's full name is displayed with anchor tag.(Please refer the attached screenshot notifications.PNG)
      2) After Step 5, I observed the "User Liferay" is displayed with its screen name with "@" prefix.(Please refer the attached screenshot Message_Board.PNG)

      Expected Behaviour:
      1) After step 4, User's complete name should be displayed with hyperlink.
      2) After Step 5, User's complete name should be displayed with hyperlink.

      Reproduced on 7.0.x @307714ffe9aeef6f7d1ea04bbe93796a7acddc0e.
      Reproduced on Master @f975cb562cd419321eaa6ca5422fd3c04e31bfe6

      Note: Customer is also facing inconsistency with mentioned user's name display in activities portlet (please refer notifications.PNG) but I am unable to test it yet since I couldn't find any entry in activities which contains mentioned user name. I think, if I get a microblogs entry in activities portlet, I could reproduce the issue but I am not seeing any entry for microblogs in activities portlet. It would be a great help if you can help me to reproduce it.


      End Goal:
      To get the mentioned user name displayed consistent throughout the application or atleast in Microblog, Message Board, Activities and notification portlet.




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