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Kaleo Designer does not display attribute table in Japanese localization



      If the default language is set to Japanese encoding, Kaleo Designer fails to display the attribute table for each node. Instead, all that is available is a "Close" button. I have verified this issue in Liferay DXP Digital Enterprise 7.0 GA1 bundle from the Customer Portal.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Either add Japanese site preference to user, or append /ja/ to Liferay address (e.g. http://localhost:8080/ja)
      2. Click the top left-hand Menu button
      3. Click コントロールパネル (Control Panel)
      4. Click 設定 (Configuration) > Kaleo Designer
      5. In the Kaleo Designer screen, click the + button to add a new workflow design, a simple one-way workflow diagram will appear
      6. Click on StartNode and observe the left hand side

      Expected Result:
      Attribute table appears

      Actual Results:
      No attribute table appears. If you compare the same exact Control Panel pane to the en_US translation (i.e. default), Kaleo Designer is fully in tact with the Attribute table. GIF screen capture is attached to this ticket.


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          Harry Chai
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          Brian Suh

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