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Workflow: Site Administrators don't have permission to approve workflow tasks



      I did some testing for the workflow permissions issue and it is definitely a product issue. Here are the general steps to reproduce:
      1. Create Site and Assign user as a Site Administrator.
      2. Create a workflow definition that assigns the review task to a Site Admin (with notification).
      3. Set up workflow in Site for Docs and Media
      4. Submit a document for review.
      5. Site Admin logs in and sees notification, clicks on it, goes to "My Workflow Tasks."
      6. Any action on the document will show a permission issue. I tried view it, and assigning it to myself.

      Site Admin can still fully view the pending document if he goes to the Site > Documents and Media > Document.

      I did some more tests to find a workaround for the training and found a couple more interesting things worth looking into:
      1. I was able to add the Site Admin role to my user (The Site Owner) and I was able to walk through the workflow.
      2. When the document sent through the workflow is approved, it still shows up in the My Workflow Tasks section as if pending (and shows that it's currently in the review task).
      3. If you click on it here, it then shows that it is in the Approved state.
      4. When you check in Documents and Media, the item still shows as pending.

      The first test was done with our own grading workflow definition for training (basically a renamed single approve workflow), so I've attached it just in case.


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