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Permit out-of-the-box localization and time zone configuration during the user creation process



      The purpose of the ticket is to request out-of-the-box localization and time zone configuration during the user creation process.

      Current functionality
      If a new user wants to set their language settings and local time zone on a vanilla instance , they must go through the initial sign in process, accept the Terms of Service, set a new password, then set their password reset key. After this process, they must click their profile picture, go into their Account settings, and then change the localization from here.

      Requested functionality
      A new user should be able to set their time zone and preferred language before going through the account creation process, accepting the terms of service, and setting their password/password reset values. This functionality is important to organizations that have multinational branches (e.g. Liferay), or even regions that are legally required to have multilingual support for their websites (e.g. certain Canadian areas).

      In efforts to make this functionality as minimally intrusive as possible, I propose a boolean type of Portal property that allows an Administrator control the presence of this setting.

      Why is this valuable?
      Permitting this functionality out of the box would allow for better user experience by improving on Liferay's ability to be a globally collaborative environment. Users can set their preferred language and navigate through Liferay while fully understanding its functionality. In regards to the spirit of global collaboration, it would only make sense if a user in one time zone has an understanding of relative time zone of another user in another time zone. This is especially important in communicating changes in content and meeting deadlines.

      Use Case
      Imagine a use case wherein a transnational organization requires each of their branches' employees to utilize a site. If the display settings are set to English, but the user's fluency is in another language, it would be best for that user to be able to fully understand the requirements of the Terms of Service, the interface, and the request in the language of their choice, in order to improve their experience.


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