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Deleted Kaleo Forms field is still visible in workflow preview page



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a Kaleo Forms Process
        • Add a New Field Set with Text, Text Box, and Select fields
        • Choose Single Approver Workflow
        • Add a created Form with default fields
      2. Save Process
      3. Edit Process
      4. Navigate to Forms section
      5. Add a review Form
      6. Delete Text Box field
      7. Save and Choose Form
      8. Save Process
      9. Add a new Process record
      10. Input values for Text, Text Box and Select Field
      11. Go to My Workflow Tasks > Assign workflow to me
      12. Click into workflow task to view details
      13. Assert only Text and Select fields are showing under Preview panel
      14. Click on eyeball to view preview page

      Expected Result
      Only the Text and Select fields are showing.

      Actual Result
      All three fields (Text, Text Box and Select) are visible.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 8.0 + PostgreSQL 9.4
      Portal 7.0.x EE Git ID 9a0eb70e1bde6b6a3ed96be2b85165abbc15fda8

      DXP 7.0 GA1 + FP1
      Git ID 4a98b4759731f5afec1cacb72838524c26ee931a




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                Version Package
                7.0.0 DXP FP8
                7.0.0 DXP SP2
                7.0.3 CE GA4