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Option for table captions in Wiki articles is present even when using Creole



      When creating/editing a Wiki page with Creole selected, tables are formatted using Creole syntax. However, Creole 1.0 syntax does not support including captions for tables the same way as HTML does. Thus, there is no correct syntax to add the caption with, and it can't be done correctly.

      If attempting to use the option to add a caption while using Creole, the caption will be visible in the editor, but once the page is published and converted to Creole syntax, it will appear as a separate paragraph. The correct behavior is for the option to add a caption to be removed when Creole is selected.

      The option to remove captions was removed in 7.0, as CKEditor is no longer used for this purpose. Thus, this issue only applies to earlier versions of Liferay.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add a Wiki portlet to a page
      2. Create a new page or edit the front page
      3. With Creole selected as the style (note that Creole is selected by default in 6.2), click the button to open the dialog to create a table

      Expected result: only the inputs appropriate for Creole are usable
      Actual result: there is an input to add a caption, which cannot be done using Creole


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