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When the user is editing a web content from an asset publisher he doesn't see the same actions as in "back" edition


    The problem

    Olaf Kock
    WC Editor: Permissions, Preview no longer available in DXP, Folder choice
    7/26/16 2:14 AM
    Hi team,
    a customer is heavily using permissions on Web Content. The "Permission" button as well as the "Preview" button, which were formerly available in the UI now moved to the "three-dots-menu" which is only available from ControlPanel/SiteAdministration, but not when editing/creating an article in a popup, like from AssetPublisher (which they also heavily used, as it sets the categories/tags correctly for that AP instance).
    This looks like an oversight with the Lexicon UI design rules and they (as well as myself) would expect the options to be available from everywhere.
    (see attached screenshots for popup-editor and SiteAdministration editor with popped-up-three-dots-menu (does it have a name?))
    Also (sorry, forgot in first submission of this question):
    The popup editor allows no choice of the folder in which to store the article. This makes it impossible to encourage users to use the low-friction option to "add article" from places like AssetPublisher and keep a good overview over the location of the articles: All of the articles created this way will end up in the root folder, rendering the "folder storage for web content" useless. Is this an oversight?


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