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Avoid to use global structures in a site if they also have been imported in the site



      Currently you can select global structures (adding web content) when you have already imported them in a Site.

      This should be avoid because our backend code of web content always search structure and template with the structureKey and templateKey first in the site and only if it does not exist it is used the global structure and template
      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel > System Settings > DDM, set "Autogenerate structure key" to false
      2. In the Global web content administration > create a web content structure named STR1 with a text field labeled Text
      3. In the Global web content administration > create a web content template for STR1 named TPL1
      4. In the Global web content administration > export Web Content and download the lar file
      5. In the Liferay Site web content administration > import the downloaded lar from global
      6. In the Liferay Site web content administration > manage the copy of the STR1 in this site, and add a new text field labeled TextSite
      7. In the Liferay Site web content administration > try to create a new web content with the STR1 (Global)

      Result: the web content editor shows the STR1 (Site) fields. See that TextSite appears in spite of to have selected STR1 (Global)
      Expected: if there are duplicated structures (with the same structureKey) you only can add web content type with the structure in the site.

      Note: It is allowed the inheritance of structures in the sites hierarchy in Liferay 7, in this case if you have more duplicated structures between the rest of the sites in the hierarchy you only can add content with the first structure found with the structureKey according this hierarchy starting the search by the current site and going into the parents iteratively, and in the end in the global scope.


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