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Publishing a document to a site that has the document with PWC as latest version will cause invalidFileVersionException




      Descrption: Document with "PWC" version causes InvalidFileVersionException when publishing to Local Live Site


      Edit 10/13/2017, due to code change from LPS-72474, previous steps will not reproduce the issue, here is modified steps:

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Go to admin content DM, Upload a document using basic document type.
      2. Checkout the document
      3. Enable Local Staging, and which will publish once automatically
      4. Go back to staging site DM and notice the document is checkout and has the option to checkin and cancel checkout.

      { Notice there is an issue here (x) *Actual Result:* hitting checkin or cancel checkout does nothing, and *the document on live site* is checkout. (/) *Expected Result:* hitting checkin or cancel checkout does what they supposed to do, and and *the document on live site* should not be checkout. But this is caused by a different problem }

      5. Edit the document, for example upload a different file, and save/publish.
      6. Go to staging site and hit publish to live button, please make sure the document is listed in items to be published.

      Actual Result: Publication fails with InvalidFileVersionException. If you check the dlfileversion table again, you will notice that there is only one entry with version "PWC", and that belongs to the Live group.
      Expected Result: Successful publication.


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