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Enabling Page Customization causes extra PortletPreferences entries to be created for instanceable portlets




      Enabling page customization for a column causes different changes to happen to three different kinds of portlets on the customizable column.

      The following portlets were used in the testing:

      1) Web Content Display (instanceable and preferences are unique per layout)
      2) Recent Bloggers (not instanceable and preferences are unique per layout)
      3) Blogs (not instanceable and preferences are NOT unique per layout)

      Steps to reproduce

      (NOTE: Be aware of the PortletPreferences table in the DB as you step through adding portlets and configuring them)

      1) Create a Page.
      2) Add a Blogs Portlet to the page, and create a Blogs post.
      3) Click on the Blog's portlet configuration and disable Comments.
      4) Create a post in the Blogs portlet.
      5) Add a Recent Bloggers portlet to the page.
      6) Click on the Recent Bloggers' configuration and change the "Maximum Bloggers to display" from the default to "25" or any selection of your choosing.
      7) Create a Web Content article.
      8) Add a Web Content Portlet to the page, and select the article.
      9) Click on Configure Page and enable Page Customization for the columns containing the portlets.

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result:

      No changes should occur for the three portlet from a UI perspective.

      Actual Results:

      Web Content Display (and any other portlets like it such as Journal) will have an extra portlet preferences DB entry and will also display the newly created portlet preferences instead of the original preferences set by the admin prior to enabling page customization.

      Recent Bloggers will have an extra entry in the DB. No changes from a UI perspective.

      Blogs retains the same portlet preferences and doesn't have an extra entry in the DB.


      No errors






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