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As a Wiki author I would like to include images in the content by dragging an image from the computer and drop it in the editor,




      As a Wiki Author, I would like to easily add images in the content of a page by simply dragging the image from the computer and dropping it in the page content.

      The same behaviour can be found for the Blogs portlet, where the user can drag and drop images to the editor and the image is automatically uploaded. We should mimic the blogs behaviour as much as possible, including user interaction, behaviour and styling.

      When the user drags and drops an image to the content, we should upload that image and store it as a wiki page attachment. We should also include the image in the page content, considering that the syntax might be different depending on the selected wiki engine (html, creole, etc).

      Ideally we should also be able to upload images to pages that are being created, but that might be harder because we should upload the image as a wiki page attachment, even though the page is not created yet, so we should save it as a temp file somehow and then, once the page is published, move it to the permanent destination as a wiki page attachment. This behaviour won't be implemented as part of this story but in future stories.

      Acceptance Tests

      • Users editing a wiki page should be able to drag and drop an image from their computer to the wiki page. The image should be visible when the user drops the image.
      • The image dropped in the wiki should automatically create a wiki page attachment for that page.
      • When the user publish the wiki page with the dropped image, the content of the page needs to have the correct link to the image depending on the wiki engine format.
      • If the user deletes the image from the content the attachment shouldn't be deleted from the page.
      • Drag and Drop features only works for images, not for any other file type.


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