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As a blogger I would like to use images selected from Documents and Media optimized for the user device




      With the story defined in https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-67236 we allowed bloggers to use images optimized for the user device as long as those images where uploaded to the blog entries (this means that they were picked from the Blog Images tab from the Image Selector)

      Bloggers can also use images from Documents and Media in their blog. However, these images in Documents and Media are not optimized for the user device. The aim of this story is to empower bloggers to have adaptive images even when they choose images from Documents and Media tab from Image selector.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Images uploaded to Documents and Media should generate image variants according to the adaptive media configuration
      • A blogger should be able to select an Image from Documents and Media to be included in his blog entry and in the blog entry markup it should contain the <picture> element with the different urls pointing at the image variants

      Uses Cases

      Create a blog entry with an image selected from Documents and Media in the blog entry content

      1. Deploy Adaptive Media (*don't deploy the JAX-RS modules*) and add configuration for 2 image variants with different sizes (small:small:width=200;height=200 and medium:medim:width=1000;height=800)
      2. Add 2 or 3 big images to Documents and Media.
      3. Wait 10 seconds or so for each image that was previosly uploaded so the adaptive media images are generated (if you uploaded 3 images 30 seconds should be enough).
      4. Add a new Blog Entry. Fill the title. In the editor content, click the Image button and select in the Documents and Media tab any of the the previously uploaded images.

      Expected: When visualizing the HTML of the blog entry content it's using the <picture> tag instead of the <img> tag and it contains adaptive media urls for the small and medium configuration as well as the default url.

      Needs functional test




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