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Can't choose a Dynamic Data List which contains an single quotes in its title



      This is pretty similar to LPS-43131 which is listed as a regression bug. LPS-43131 indicates that if a Data Definition has a single quote, it cannot be selected. In this specific case, if a Dynamic Data List's title has a single quote, it cannot be selected in Dynamic Data List Display. This issue was verified on 7.0 DE + Fix Pack DE-2.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Start up 7.0 DE + Fixpack DE-2
      2. Sign in as test@liferay.com
      3. Click Menu Bar > Liferay DXP (site) > Contents > Dynamic Data List > Create New List
      Name: test's
      Data Definition: Contacts (whatever is out of the box)
      4. Save the newly created list "test's"
      5. Go back to public page (welcome), add Dynamic Data List Display portlet to the page
      6. Click Select List in the Dynamic Data List Display
      7. Choose "test's"

      Expected Result:
      Clicking the list with a single quote in its title will display on the top line (Displaying List: test's), allowing me to click Save and display this list.

      Actual Result:
      Nothing happens when we try to choose the "test's" list. Instead, if we check the browser console, we can see a js error:

      Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list – Something seems to be escaping.


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