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Automatically convert WYSIWYG portlet instances to Web Content Display instances


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    • Fix Version/s: 7.0.X EE, 7.1.X, Master
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      The WYSIWYG portlet (https://github.com/liferay/liferay-plugins/tree/master/portlets/wysiwyg-portlet) allowed entering rich content to be displayed in any page. The content was entered through the configuration of the portlet.

      This portlet was deprecated due to its little use, however we have found that there is still significant use and would like to offer a solution to upgrade to Liferay 7 in these cases.

      The proposal is to replace every instance of the WYSIWYG portlet with an instance of Web Content Display Portlet. The rich content stored in the preferences would be converted into a Web Content that is then referenced by the Web Content Display portlet. Some additional details:

      • It will probably be necessary to create a web content structure as part of this automatic conversion, since in Liferay 7 all structures are editable so it cannot be assumed that any of them has a WYSIWYG field. This created structure should be called "WYSIWYG Content" and should have only one field, the body, of type HTML.
      • The title for the Web Content should be extracted by taking the first words or characters from the content in the original WYSIWYG portlet instance.
      • To group all the content from different instances of the portlet in a site it is suggested to create a folder called "WYSIWYG Content" and put all created Web Content there.

      It should be possible for the administrators of a Liferay 7 instance to execute this conversion easily. To achieve this a new version of the WYSIWYG Portlet App should be created that when deployed converts every instance of the portlet to a Web Content Display portlet, converting its configured content into a Web Content article.


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