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Notifications List Behavior Modification To Perform Like Requests List



      There is some confusion regarding the behavior of Notifications in that they cannot be removed from the page after they are marked as Read. Users can delete Requests inside of Requests list but cannot delete Notifications inside of the Notifications list. It would be helpful to make Notifications function like Requests. The following scenario illlustrates this:

      1. Create 2 users, A and B
      2. On user A, go to "User Name" > My Account > Notifications
      3. Click the three dots in the top right and click Configuration
      4. Turn on all Website notifications for Blogs
      5. On user B, simply login and create >= 10 blogs
      6. Back on user A, go to "User Name" > My Account > Notifications

      Please note that Notifications cannot be deleted like Requests can. Marking Notifications as Read only removes the badge and count is not adjusted.

      End Goal:
      Add Functionality so that Notifications in the list can be deleted or moved to the recycling bin.




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