With the new Image Adaptive Media feature we need to include in the blogs entry content some new tag elements such as <picture> and <source> tag elements, with some javascript content that will ensure that the images are properly rendered in every browser.

      Antisamy, as part of the sanitization progress, is removing this new tag elements so the adaptive media feature is not properly working because the html markup is not correct.

      In order to reproduce this issue you need to deploy all the adaptive media modules and add some new configuration to generate image variants, then include some blog images and create a new blog entry selecting any of those images.

      You will see that the services receives the appropriate content sent from the editor (including the picture and source elements) but when that content is going to be persisted in the database, it's cleaned up by the sanitizer so the content persisted in the database doesn't have any <picture> or <source> tag element.

      We need to update the antisamy configuration files to ensure that it accepts this new tags.




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