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Hot deploy with Tomcat does not delete the entire app folder


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      Oracle Sun JDK 7, Oracle Sun JDK 8, Oracle OpenJDK 7, Oracle OpenJDK 8
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      Apache Tomcat 7.0


      When a WAR file is copied into Tomcat's webapps folder, it deletes the old application folder then explode the new WAR file in place.

      With Liferay Hot Deploy in Tomcat, the old application folder is reused, leaving old class files and other artifacts mixed with the new or replaced artifacts from the new WAR file. The side effect is particularly pronounced when a service portlet class file that must not exist in both the application WEB-INF/classes and the service jar in tomcat/lib/ext. For example, this hair-scratching exception:

      com.XYZ.integration.util.GenericParameterMap cannot be cast to




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