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On startup, localization tags in Liferay hostname URL results in Not found page




      After upgrading from DE-4 fix pack to DE-5, during startup, Liferay appends a localization tag (e.g. /ja or /en) and the page that is returned is a 404 "Not found" page. Once this happens, I will have to clear my browser cookies, and set the URL to http://localhost:8080.

      Prior to the installation of DE-5 (i.e. in DE-4), I did not encounter this behavior. Upon server startup, I was directed to http://localhost:8080 and was not directed to http://localhost:8080/en or http://localhost:8080/ja with a "Not Found" page.

      Note: I verified against a 6.2 EE SP15 environment that you should be able to start up on http://localhost:8080/en or http://localhost:8080/ja without reaching a Not Found page. You can also verify that the Not Found page error doesn't work on Liferay.com (e.g. http://liferay.com/en or http://liferay.com/ja)

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Obtain clean Liferay 7.0 DE DXP bundle
      2. Install DE-4 fix pack onto the environment
      3. Allow autolaunch of Liferay
      4. Sign in, set up omni admin user.
      5. Change URL localization to Japanese (http://localhost:8080/ja)
      6. Change URL localization back to English (http://localhost:8080/en)
      7. Shut down the server
      8. Install DE-5 fix pack onto the environment
      9. Clear temp and work from CATALINA_HOME, and state from the osgi directory
      10. Restart the server
      11. Allow the autolaunch of Liferay page to start

      Expected Result: I am directed to http://localhost:8080 in the locale stored in my cookie file. ALSO, http://localhost:8080/en or http://localhost:8080/ja should redirect me to my desired localization, instead of encountering a Not found page.

      Actual Result: I am redirected to http://localhost:8080/en, with a not found page. Only until I clear my cookies, can I access http://localhost:12080, but not http://localhost:12080/en


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