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Cannot add an upgraded organization as parent of newly added organizations



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start Liferay 6.2
      2. Add regular organization
      3. Execute upgrade to 7.0
      4. In 7.0, add a new organization
      5. Click on Select under Parent Organization
      6. Choose a regular organization that was added in 6.2
      7. Save

      Alternate steps to reproduce

      1. Execute upgrade using attached database dump
      2. Start Liferay 7.0
      3. Add a new organization
      4. Click on Select under Parent Organization
      5. Choose "Regular Organization Name"
      6. Save

      Expected result: Organization is successfully added as Parent Organization
      Actual result: "Your request failed to complete" and "Please enter a valid organization" display. User is unable to add an upgraded organization as a parent organization.

      Note: Editing an upgraded organization and selecting a new organization (organization added after upgrade) as its parent will also result to "Your request failed to complete."

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 8.0.32 + MySQL 5.6
      Portal 6.2 EE > Liferay DXP GA1 + FP6


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