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Collaboration Suite assets in pages with Japanese names results in a Not found error


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      In the scenario where we create a page in Japanese language, add a collaboration suite (e.g. Documents and Media, Asset Publisher or Message Boards) portlet to a page on this site. For example, if we add Documents and Media and upload a file, attempting to access the file from this page results in a Not found (404) error.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Start up Liferay DXP + Fix Pack DE-5
      2. Create a new site (i.e. SiteA)
      3. Add a page in Japanese (i.e. ライフレイ)
      4. Add a Documents and Media portlet to the page's layout
      5. Click the Add "+" button on top of the portlet boundary and select Basic Document
      6. Upload the file
      7. Click on the file title

      Actual Result:
      Unable to access the file. 404 (Not found) errors.
      This happens in Asset Publisher as well as Message Boards portlet. If we add an Asset Publisher and try to click on an asset, I receive a 404 page. Same with Message Boards portlet. If we add a Message Boards portlet to the layout, add a thread, then click on that thread link, I receive a 404 page.

      Expected Result:
      I should be able to access the file.

      Root cause
      It seems that the issue is occurring due to the Japanese page name rendering a dash - to replace the name in the friendlyURL. As a result, the potlet friendly URLs can't be parsed as they have the form: http://localhost:8080/web/guest/-/-/document_library/CC4sojJbB7G9/view_file/34309


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