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Option does not change from 'Subscribe' to 'Unsubscribe' when already subscribed to a category or thread in MB admin



      When viewing the site administration for Message Boards in the control panel, while already subscribed to a thread or category, the option in the context menu does not change from "Subscribe" to "Unsubscribe."

      This is similar to the issue reported by LPS-68421, but LPS-68421 only fixes the issue for the Message Boards home in the MB portlet on a page.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Navigate to Message Boards admin in the control panel
      2. Create a new category or thread
      3. For the created category or thread, click the category's context menu (the 3 vertical dots) by where it is listed
      4. Click "Subscribe"
      5. When the request completes, click the context menu again

      Expected result: in both cases, the option has changed to "Unsubscribe"
      Actual result: in both cases, the menu still only has the option to "Subscribe"


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