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Improve Japanese localized dates in Calendar portlet to maintain consistent formatting



      The Calendar portlet is not displaying date correctly in Japanese localization. It seems to follow the US standard of mm-dd-yyyy (MDY) instead of yyyy年mm月dd日 OR yyyy-mm-dd which is known as the YMD, International Date Format / ISO. Throughout the rest of Liferay, Documents and Media portlet and Collaboration Suite portlets seem to display the date in ISO format correctly as yy/mm/dd.

      Steps to verify:
      1. Start up a clean 6.2 EE SP15 environment
      2. Add a calendar portlet to the Welcome page
      3. Change http://localhost:8080/web/guest to http://localhost:8080/ja/web/guest

      Expected Result:
      In Japanese localization Date should show yyyy年mm月dd日 OR yyyy/mm/dd (ISO formatting) in the date range. For example:

      2016年10月02日 - 2016年10月08日


      2016/10/02 - 2016/10/08

      Actual Results:
      In the Japanese localization, Calendar portlet date is improperly displayed as mm月 dd - dd, yyyy for the date range:

      10月 02 - 08, 2016

      Based on internal discussion with Engineering, this behavior is "expected" because it is a limitation with YUI3's calendar. While there were steps listed in YUI2 documentation to adjust the localized calendar, it seems that YUI3's configurations only permit a "lang" tag to be set, thereby programmatically generating the localized date format.

      Feature/Improvement Request
      Extend or rework Calendar portlet to display dates correctly in Japanese localization so that it uses Japanese dating yyyy年mm月dd日 OR uses ISO dating yyyy-mm-dd.

      Many nations make use of ISO dating in some capacity (e.g. Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Basque Country, Cambodia, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and Taiwan). This would contribute to Liferay's usability as an international platform, and to prevent any confusion with usability in cultures that do not use the MDY or DMY format.


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