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User Notifications management in Liferay



      Current Functionality
      In testing with Liferay DXP and Fix Pack DE-6, if a user receives a notification via Menu Bar > User Name > My Account > Notification, they are able to view their Notifications from subscriptions and workflows.

      1. Users are able to view new notifications
      2. Users are able to view read notifications
      3. Users are able to mark new notifications as read individually by clicking on a notification
      4. Users are able to mark new notifications as read in bulk by clicking the checkbox and clicking the X which indicates "Mark as read"

      Desired Functionality
      This feature request ticket proposes the following options:

      a. Permit filtering by ALL/NEW/READ notifications. Allow setting a default view for any of the three filters.

      • This functionality would allow users to display notifications to their desired set.
      • For example, users can track their Notifications panel for New notifications only so that they can track incoming notifications. They can also look at Read notifications to examine previous notifications.

      b. Permit removing and deleting notifications (read and new) by selection (individually) or by bulk.

      • This would help to prevent clutter or unnecessary data. This would be useful in removing old notification data from a test / UAT cycle. For a regular user, it would be helpful in clearing their notification history if they don't want it around in their Notification panel.




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