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Site member can use page customization to prevent other users from adding some portlets to page



      If page customization is enabled, then if a site member adds a non-instanceable portlet to a page, then other users (including administrators) may not be able to add the same type of portlet to any version of the page (including the default version).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Sign in as the omni-admin and create a new user
      2. Add the new user to the Liferay site
      3. Create a new page
      4. Click "Configure Page" at the top of the page created in step 3
      5. Under the "Advanced" tab, navigate to "Customization Settings"
      6. Enable customization, then enable it for all columns and save the settings
      7. Log out, then log back in as the user created in step 1
      8. Add a Blogs portlet to a customizable column on the new page
      9. Log out, then log back in as the omni-admin
      10. Navigate to the customizable page, then attempt to add a Blogs portlet
      11. (optional) Click the context menu at the top of the page (to the right of the "You can customize this page" message) and click "View Page without my customizations," then attempt to add a Blogs portlet again

      Expected result: the Blogs portlet can be added, with or without viewing customizations
      Actual result: the Blogs portlet cannot be added for either case (the option is grayed out)

      Reproduced in master: 345177f207a2eaef7c3fccd381710512966b6c46
      Reproduced in ee-7.0.x: e75544b164c5990b3fa67f55286cabd601e3eced
      Reproduced in ee-6.2.x: be2675cd9a275dd590e1e29a4e01333f1cac952b


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