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As a portal admin or developer, I'd like to have log info with more context will help locate and resolve issue more quickly



      Background Info

      • Under the condition that portal experiences intermittent LDAP server socket connection timeout while importing users and groups, certain users will fail to be imported as a result of NullPointerException, because Null value for LdapContext is returned when LDAP connection is initialized.
      • Only under the condition that we set log level for PortalLDAPUtil as Debug, we can see the SocketTimeoutException leads to the failure of binding LDAP server.
      • The following error message was see without any context:
        [liferay/scheduler_dispatch-2][PortalLDAPUtil:?]  Failed to bind to the LDAP server

      Areas to improve

      • Improve the logging by adding more context to warning message "Failed to bind to the LDAP server", to help diagnose issue in the future.
      • Wrap the exception and propagate source exception from PortalLDAPUtil to caller.
      • The NPE stack trace stems from method getNameInNamespace in class PortalLDAPUtil at line 434.
        package com.liferay.portal.security.ldap;
        	public static String getNameInNamespace(
        			long ldapServerId, long companyId, Binding binding)
        		throws Exception {
                // line 434
        		String name = binding.getName();

        we can see there is no NULL check for parameter variable "binding" before the call "binding.getName()", so a NULL value check before line 434 with a suitable log message may be very helpful.

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