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Documents and Media search issue after changing page in the folder navigation pane



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Place a Documents and Media portlet on a page.
      2. Create 8 folders: folder1, folder2,...,folder8.
      3. Under folder8 upload a document and name it test1.
      4. Navigate to folder1. Breadcrum shows Home/folder1.
      5. In the navigation pane on the left choose "5" for the pagination. Now you will see only the first 5 folders in this pane and you see pagination buttons at the bottom: Previous, 1,2,Next.
      6. Type "test1" in the search field and click Search.
      Checkpoint: It says that it was searching in folder1 and could not find anything. Correct.
      7. In the left hand navigation pane's pagination section click on 2.
      8. Now you see folders 6,7 and 8 listed in the navigation pane. Breadcrumb still says that you are in folder1. That's correct.
      9. Click on search.
      Result: you are told that it was searching everywhere and it found the document from folder8, while breadcrumb shows that you are in folder1
      Expected: This search should only look in folder1, and should not find the document. It should behave the same as at step 6.


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