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Documents and Media Preview Images Not Rendering After Maximizing a Preview Image



      There is a pagination issue present in the Documents and Media preview page. The preview is expected to update as the user mouses over each page thumbnail. However, this is only the case on the first document viewed. Any subsequent document fails to update on mouse over. Checked browser console but found nothing out of the ordinary. Steps below help to clarify.

      In addition, the client has two related questions:
      • Are the grey gradient bars on the sides of a zoomed-in document intended? My understanding is that they are to show that clicking on the right and left sides can switch pages, but I wanted to verify.
      • The text in a zoomed-in preview is pixelated/grainy and difficult to read. Is this intended? I'm guessing this is a PDFBox thing, but again, I just wanted to verify

      Note: If these are actual issues and not expected behavior, I can create separate tickets to address them.

      Steps To Reproduce:
      1. Install and startup Liferay DXP with Fix Pack 6
      2. Add Documents and Media portlet to a new page
      3. Add 3-4 PDFs to portlet (at least one with multiple pages)
      4. Click the link to the PDF
      5. Preview one document using zoom-in feature
      6. Exit first preview
      7. Click the link to another PDF
      8. Preview this document (the one with multiple pages) with the zoom-in feature
      9. Mouse over the thumbnails of the document pages

      Expected Results:
      The preview box and page numbers below adjust based on moused over page.

      Actual Results:
      The preview box does not adjust. Page one displays regardless of moused over page.


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