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Javascript error when component "Link to page" is added in french




      There is a problem when in french you create a structure containing a "Link to page" component. Once the structure is created you can't create a content, there is a javascript error.

      To reproduce :
      1- Switch in french language for your user, logout, clear cache, then login
      2- Create a structure, add the "Lien à la page" component, save it
      3- Create a content using this new structure : no actions available andd javascript error

      Problem analysis :
      The problem is cause to the french label of the component "Lien à la page", it contains an accent, so the component name is generated with an accent, and then javascript don't find the component using the JS selector.

      To resolve there are 2 solutions :
      1- Change the french label to "Lien vers une page" for example --> resolve problem only temporarily
      2- Remove accentued characters when generating component names --> resolve the problem in every languages. Moreover when you input the name of a component you already are not allowed to save it if it contains accentued characters, the problem is when generating it's name.

      Finally, can you add me as a french translator validator on https://translate.liferay.com/pootle/fr/liferay/ because there are several labels that are not well translated (Powered by, Date, Thumbs...) There are already good suggestions for these labels but nobody approve them. "Link to page" is one of them, the good translation should be "Lien vers une page".

      Thanks and regards


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