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Staged Site Map ADT configuration is not published to live on non-default site.



      Reproduced On
      DXP + de-7

      Steps To Reproduce

      1. Launch 2 clean DXP bundles;
      2. Create new blank sites on both portals;
      3. Configure remote staging between both sites with default options and staged Application Display Templates;
      4. Add a page to the staged site;
      5. Add an ADT for Site Map (or use the example on the bottom);
      6. Add a Site Map portlet to the page on the staged site and configure it to use the previous ADT;
      7. Publish the staged site to the live site.

      Expected Results
      Site is published and the Site Map portlet is shown using the ADT added on step 5.

      Actual Results
      Site is published, ADT is published, but the Site Map is not configured to use the ADT (uses the Default one).

      Error Messages
      No errors are thrown.


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