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Simplify the the portlet urls by removing some unnecessary parameters related to the columns the portlet is rendered in



      PortletURLs in the portal always contain some parameters that are not necessary unless in some very specific scenaerios. This is the case for the following parameters:

      • p_p_col_id
      • p_p_col_pos
      • p_p_col_count

      Those parameters are used in most of the portlet urls. However, they are only necessary when adding portlets to a column, moving a portlet to another column, etc.

      Actually, those parameters are being ignored by the Friendly URLs, so that's a hint that they are not necessary for all the urls that have Friendly URLs.

      The parameters are only used by UpdateLayoutAction and RenderPortletAction.

      • UpdateLayoutAction: to add a portlet to a specific column or move the portlet to another column.
      • RenderPortletAction: render portlet when dragging and dropping to add the portlet to a page, refresh existing portlets, etc.

      In every other scenario, the value of the parameters is not used at all by the server because no matter the value set in the URL that the server will process the template and it will figure out in which column the portlet is actually rendered based on the information stored in the database.




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