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Performance issues when editing, saving, reindexing a content base on a structure that has many fields



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a big structure S1 using the source of the attached file Cadastrodeclientes.txt
      2. Create a template T1 for S1
      3. Create a web content W1 based on structure S1
      4. Save W1

      Expected behavior

      W1 is created and saved in a reasonable amount of time.

      Current behavior

      W1 takes more than one minute to be saved. Also, two copies of W1 appear (this may be a different bug itself) because the first AJAX request will timeout after 30 seconds and another request will be sent afterwards, resulting in the creation of two web contents.

      Remark: On master it will take roughly 25s to create the content, but another request will be sent on the background and cancelled after few seconds. The screen will be loading forever. Editing the content, however, seems not to work. The first request sent once you publish your changes will take 30 seconds and will be cancelled. No other request will be sent afterwards, letting the content edit screen loading forever as well. The content will be changed.


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