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Incorrect content propagation from Site Template



      1. Create a Site Template
      2. Create a Site with your Site Template: Site 1
      3. Create another Site without any Site Template: Site 2
      4. Create a Web Content Article in the Site Template
      5. Create a Web Content Article in Site 2
      6. Place two Web Content Display portlets on a page of the Site Template
      7. Display both Articles in the portlets
      8. Check Site Administration > Content > Web Content of Site 1
      9. Site 1 now contains both Articles
      10. Check the page of Site 1
      Actual Result: Both Web Content Display portlets on Site 1 appear empty.
      Expected Result: The intention is not completely obvious. You need to consider the fact that cross site content references are not handled by the export/import process in Liferay 6.2, so the article shouldn't be copied to Site 1 from Site 2 as far as I know. As for the article from the Site Template, that is supported by the export/import framework, but the Site Template documentation clearly states that portlet data shouldn't be copied from the Site Template for already existing Sites (only during creation):
      Important: Portlet data, related resources, and permissions on resources are only copied from a site template to a site when that site is first created based on the template. No changes made in a a template's portlet data, related resources, or permissions are propagated to the site after the site is created. Neither are such changes propagated to a site by Reset or Reset and Propagate features.
      I believe it shouldn't be possible to select a content from a different Site (except Global) in case of a Site Template's Web Content Display, as that will not work anyway (at least on 6.2 for sure).
      reproduced on ee-6.2.x @ e357fa551e842cae6bd13978132cbbefc1e9d43e
      works correctly on master - no content was copied to the Site, although you are still able to select content from a different Site on a Site Template @ 95e1778f9a9c9c99c32311c70cb0cdad235544b7


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