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Staging publishes cannot create a "Last Publish" date if none exists in PortletPreferences



      If a PortletPreferences entry in the database for portlet data is missing a value for the last publish date, then no such date can be established on new staging publishes, and any content associated it will always be considered unpublished.

      Data missing a value like this is possible when upgrading from 6.0 to 6.2.

      1. Install Liferay 6.0 SP2
      2. Setup Local-Live staging
      3. Create a Web Content article
      4. Upgrade to newer version of Liferay (6.2 or 7.0) (did this test with HSQL, no portal-ext)
      5. Publish all content
      6. Refresh the page and start to publish again, but select "Choose content" to only publish content since last publish date

      Expected result: no content is shown as needing publish, unless the article is updated
      Actual result: the content article created in step 3 is shown as needing to be published, and is always shown no matter how many times it is published

      Reproduced in master: d16359fbaf1ca0eac08bb9d1bcd0142ff3c896f5
      Reproduced in ee-6.2.x: 47aa971a118c84f4ecfd3c744d5d7f4cc7249fc6

      You can reproduce the issue in master with the following (more easier) steps:

      1. Start portal and create a new Site
      2. Add a public, empty page
      3. Turn on local staging
      4. Add a portlet(e.g.: DL) to the page
      5. Check the last publish date of the portlet in the DB via fetching up the portlet preference, make sure it doesn't have any
      6. Publish the page

      The portlet preferences still doesn't have a last publish date preference
      The portlet preferences has been updated and now contains a proper last publish date


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