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Asset Publisher Custom User Attributes filter does not work.


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Sign in test user.
      2. Click Go to > Control Panel > Custom Fields.
      3. Click User.
      4. Click Add Custom Field.
      5. Enter the following:
        (a) Key: Location
      6. Select 'Text Field - Indexed' from the Type drop down.
      7. Click Save.
      8. Click Categories.
      9. Click Add Vocabulary.
      10. Enter the following:
        (a) Name: Location.
        (b) Description: Location custom field.
      11. Click Add Category.
      12. Enter the following:
        (a) Name: Chicago.
        (b) Description: (a brief description)
      13. Select 'Location' from the To Vocabulary drop down.
      14. Click Save.
      15. Click Users and Organizations.
      16. Click test.
      17. Click Custom Fields in the right container.
      18. Enter the following:
        (a) Location: Chicago.
      19. Click Save
      20. Click Back to liferay.com.
      21. Click Add > Web Content Display.
      22. Click the Add Web Content icon.
      23. Enter the following:
        (a) Title: Chicago.
        (b) Content: This is the first web content article.
      24. Click Categorization in the right container.
      25. Flag the Chicago checkbox in the Categories window.
      26. Click Publish.
      27. Click the Add Web Content icon.
      28. Enter the following:
        (a) Title: web content 2
        (b) Content: This is the second web content article
      29. Click Publish.
      30. Click Add > Asset Publisher.
      31. Click the wrench icon for Asset Publisher > Configuration.
      32. Enter [Location] in the Displayed assets must match these custom user profile attributes field.
      33. Click Save.

      Actual results:
      User can see two contents in Asset Publisher.

      Expected results:
      Only Chicago content was displayed.


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