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Editing event may fail if event is a single instance resulting from various operations over a recurring series



      If a calendar has a time zone different from UTC, the event of a recurrent series ended by an "until" date can be impossible to update. Those are the conditions for this failure:

      • Event's calendar is not in UTC.
      • Event's start time falls in different days in UTC and the calendar's time zone.
      • Event is a single instance of a recurring series.
      • The event come to be a single instance by
        • being the first in the series; and
        • having all instances after it removed or edited.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start up Liferay.
      2. Log in with admin account.
      3. Change your user's time zone to "America/Los_Angeles."
        • In the Left panel, go into My Account > Account Settings.
        • Then go into Miscellaneus > Display Settings.
        • Choose "Standard Pacific Time." Save.
      4. Add calendar to a page. Go to week view.
      5. Create an event in the user calendar that:
        • Starts at Sunday, 8 PM.
        • Repeats every day.
      6. Close the full edit window.
      7. Drag the Tuesday instance to 9 PM.
      8. Click on the Monday instance.
      9. Change the title.
      10. Click on "Save."
      11. Choose "Following instances."

      Expected results

      • The Monday instance and following ones would change the title.

      Actual results

      • The Monday instance flashes out and come back unchanged.
      • No instance is ever updated.

      GIF reproduction


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