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Non-admin Permission Error for liferay-ddm:html Tag



      When a non-admin user tries to select a element that opens a modal window, the modal window does not have permission to be viewed by the user.

      Structure Elements affected:

      • "Documents and Media"
      • "Image"
      • "Web Content"

      Steps to Replicate

      1. Login with Admin user
      2. Create non-admin user
      3. Import the attached LAR file. (Assumes no other content is present)
      4. Deploy the attached module.
      5. Add deployed module to a page. This should render the lone Web Content.
      6. Logout of admin user (clear cache) and login with non-admin user. You can use an alternative browser or incognito mode instead.
      7. Click Select on any of the first 3 elements.

      Expected: Ability to select appropriate content in modal window using appropriate interface.
      Actual: "You do not have the roles required to access this portlet." is displayed in modal windows instead.

      The fourth element (HTML) allows a user to select content in a appropriate manner to show in comparison

      • Click then hover over input area of HTML element, click the [+] button, click the image icon)




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