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Unable to select documents belonging to different sites



      The Documents and Media of one site cannot be accessed from the Documents and Media field of a Web Content in another site because it gets redirected to the latter site.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a site, called Site1.
      2. Add a document in site Site1.
      3. Create another site, called Site2.
      4. Create a structure in Site2 with a Documents and Media field.
      5. Create a Web Content with that structure.
      6. Select document in that Web Content.
      7. Click on "SITES" in the breadcrum to access the Documents and Media of Site1.
      8. Click on Site1.

      Observed behavior:
      The Documents and Media of Site2 is opened.

      Expected behavior:
      The Documents and Media of Site1 is opened.

      *Note: *

      1. This issue is also reproduced for:
        1. a Web Content with an Image field,
        2. a Documents and Media entry based on a metadata set with a Documents and Media field,
        3. a Dynamic Data List entry based on a data definition with a Documents and Media field.
      2. For a blog entry this issue is not reproduced.


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