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Creole Wiki shows options to resize images



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Get vanilla DXP, with de-7-7010 installed
      2. Log in as Omniadmin
      3. Add a Wiki portlet on the Welcome page and edit the Front Page
      4. Click the '+' sign to add an image
      5. Browse and select an image
      Result A: There is no option to resize the image
      6. Save the image and Publish
      7. Edit the Front Page
      8. Click the image itself
      Result B: You will see the small arrows in the corners of the image which you can drag to resize the photo. However, if you save and publish again, the changes are not saved.
      9. Edit the Front Page
      10. From the already available images, re-select the one you previously tried to add
      Result C: You will now see a pencil icon in the lower-right corner and if you click it, you will have options to resize the image and those changes will be saves once you publish.

      Actual behavior: Linked images are re-sizable despite Creole doesn't support inline image sizes.

      Expected behavior: Small arrows won't be seen and linked images won't be re-sizable in Creole mode.

      7.0.x - reproduced
      Reproduced on master @ 43cf8016f594f9c65da85577c5533abb599f848a




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