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JournalArticleServiceUtil.search() returns incorrect results



      Reproduction steps:
      Create a new user
      Create a new Role and define those permissions for it that you can see on the attached screenshot
      Assign the user to the Role
      Add the created user as a Site Member on the default site
      Log in with the created user
      Go to Admin -> Content -> Web Content and add a new folder
      Add a new web content, but only save it as a draft
      Log in with the omniadmin user
      Deploy the attached portlet and add it to a page
      You will see the below messages in the log.
      09:36:48,588 INFO [http-bio-8080-exec-2][JournalSearchPortlet:56] total = 1
      09:36:48,591 INFO [http-bio-8080-exec-2][JournalSearchPortlet:60] results.size = 1
      Log in with the created user
      Experienced behavior: You see the following in the log
      09:37:13,695 INFO [http-bio-8080-exec-3][JournalSearchPortlet:56] total = 1
      09:37:13,698 INFO [http-bio-8080-exec-3][JournalSearchPortlet:60] results.size = 3
      Expected behavior: I guess it shouldn't matter with which user you are logged in, the same value should be returned by JournalArticleServiceUtil.search() in case of both cases
      Reproduced on 6.2.x commit 9df002e4d89b54f09f0799f757b6cc2096b5a0bc
      I'm not entirely sure that I chose the right component, I'm sorry!


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