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The overview mode of the Asset Publisher is not displaying the right value of the web content articles.



      Reproduction Steps:

      1.) Use a vanilla bundle with fix pack portal-120.

      2.) Start the portal and create a structure with two text fields, can these Field 1 and Field 2.

      3.) Add a template to the structure, please copy and past the following to the source of the template:


      4.) Create a new web content with the structure, add some data to each field and publish it.

      5.) Go to your welcome page and add an Asset Publisher to the page. You should see the article with Fields and your two values.

      6.) Go back to Site Administration --> Content --> Web Content and edit the article and change the value of Field1 and Field2 and publish the article.

      7.) Go back to the Asset Publisher.

      Result: You will see that the values are not changed. Add a web content display to the page, in this portlet you should the right values.

      Expected behavior: The updated data should be the same for each portlet.

      Also tested:

      6.2x @ commit (8c7e369e77fdca3e93108078e0c2c8b39c312e39) reproduced

      master @ commit (f1c3f585a95b686f27a081ab69dd80e9da1eec34) fixed


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