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Asset Publisher with full content view and more than 20 Comments broken when selecting next button to see the other comments as well.



      Reproduction steps:

      1.) Use a vanilla bundle with hotfix-19993-6210.

      2.) Add the property asset.publisher.search.with.index=false to your portal-ext.properties.

      3.) Start the portal and create a new site, create a new basic web content.

      4.) Add a page to the site and place an Asset Publisher on the page, select Configurations --> Display Settings, here change Display Template to 'Full Content' and 'Enable Comments' and save.

      5.) With the above settings you will see the article in full content view and you can add comments. Please add more than 20 new comments with your admin.

      6.) After adding the comments you should see a next button on the bottom, click on that.

      Result: You will see that you are not navigated to right place.

      Expected behavior: You should see the other comments.

      Please see below some analyzes for the behavior:

      • the behavior is working well with the property asset.publisher.search.with.index=true
      • the behavior is working well also when the abstract mode is selected in Asset Publisher
      • Tamás Molnár helped me debug the behavior. Unfortunately, I cannot explain every detail. What I could understand is that queries are sent when we click the next button. In the query there is are variables like start and end, and for our use case these values are 20 and 40, which is not ok because this should be normally 0 and 40. Because we only have one web content the query is not appropriate and this could be the reason that the problem appears. I hope that this infomrtion is also helpful.

      also tested:

      6.2x @ commit (df3cbf11c01da4e9d7664249fd0352b4563eef06) reproduced

      master and ee-7.0.x I could test for the following reasons:

      • I think the issue is not reproducible, there is not limit for the comments, at least in vanilla master with the default settings.
        answer: True. But is a UI issue.

      master and ee-7.0.x but see comment.

      If you have any questions please let me know. I proposed to the customer to use the property 'asset.publisher.search.with.index=true' as long as we figure out the problem.


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